Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jessa Zaragoza's Only Daughter Jayda Amazing Talent and Beauty


A hit singer back in the 90s after her hit single went on the top charts for her remarkable husky voice, Jessa Zaragosa, is now a busy career woman and a renowned politician after she married fellow celebrity, Dingdong Avanzado. She is also the mother of a new trending teenager on the internet that shook all the fans of Jessa and Dingdong.

Recently, a video was uploaded online that spotlighted the one and only child of the celebrity couple, Jayda Avanzado. The Showbiz Philippines YouTube channel commended and put the young celebrity on the limelight because of the videos she recently shared online and social media people easily dug into this uprising teen star. Jayda shared a video with her dad cutely dancing with each other. People were easy to notice that Jessa and Dingdong’s lovely daughter exhibited quality showbiz star. And not just that, Jayda apparently inherited her mother’s lovely, soulful voice as she uploaded a short song cover of the song, “Say You Won’t Let Go” on her Instagram account. Truly showbiz blood runs on the veins that she just didn’t get the performing skills but albeit the true beauty of her Aphrodite-like mother, Jessa Zaragosa and her father’s skills as well. Fans of the couple gathered together and showed support to Jayda.

People commended this young star that she might be qualified to be a showbiz figure. They also left wonderful and encouraging comments like:

“Of course, like parents like daughter!” and “Ka-boses nya si Janella Salvador,” when it comes to her innate talents.

And they also pointed out the beauty of their daughter by saying:

“Ganda naman ng anak nila!”

“Sana nag anak pa sila mukhang maganda naman silang gumawa ng bata, lol!”

“Jessa & Dingdong bakit d nyo pinadami ang ganitong lahi cute na talented pa bakit nag iisa?”

Seems like Jayda Avanzado has won  Talents and looks, what more can we expect? Will her parents let her enter the world of showbiz? We’ll surely look forward to that!


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