Saturday, March 11, 2017

Giant Snake Tries To Eat A Puppy, This is What Happened Next


 In jungle, one must be fit enough to survive but when you’re no longer in your own habitat, you must consider using more of your head than physical strength which you are already born with. Take the following video as an example.

This video of five dogs outsmarting a king cobra surfaced online due to its unconventional content. Imagine, this specie that is also considered as the king of the jungle is finding a hard time defending his title against these 5 very tame creatures of land.

In the video, it can be seen that the five dogs are in one team to defeat the cobra and using some strategies to kill it. They are taking turns doing some offensive moves while the others are guarding their fellow in the pack as they’re thinking of ways how to approach the wild creature of the jungle.
The video lasted for more than a minute which showed off the strategic skills of the dogs when facing an opponent. They certainly work as a team and win the battle in unison. Some are pro in offense while the rest can work both in offense and defense, as proven by how these pack of dogs out smarted the king cobra.

According to the caption of this video which now reached more than 9M of views, these dogs are trained to guard farms from harmful animals such as cobras to be a safe place for the people living the area.


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