Thursday, March 23, 2017

Enrique Gil To Flip Top Star SInio " HINAHAMON KITA"


It’s not only the showbiz personalities that have been hooked to join the Mobe dance craze initiated by Enrique Gil, this time the craze has reached the fliptop battle arena as the King of the Gil challenges Fliptop battle emcee Sinio.

Fliptop battle fans are quite excited to see the fliptop host Sinio invade the dance floor by accepting Enrique Gil’s invitation to upload his video dancing the hit dance craze Mobe within the week with Sino’s partner is at stake.

Along with Enrique Gil’s video challenging him, Sinio told in the caption that he accepted Gil’s challenge telling the Kapamilya actor “Mukhang mapipilitan akong ipakita ang talento ko sa DANCE FLOOR pag bibigyan kita reppang ENRIQUE kabahan kana .”

 Despite knowing that this is his game, Gil recognized Sinio for his own craft and admitted that he idolizes the Fliptop host inside the rap battle arena.

With Sino’s partner on the line, many netizens thought that Bie, Sinio’s significant other, is very lucky to be part or maybe the prize for the battle. However, many also suggested that after the dance battle, Sinio should also challenge Enrique Gil in the rap battle arena with Liza Soberano on the line.
Anyway, let’s just wait for Sinio’s dance video and see if he really has something to show off.
Other celebrities who had accepted the Mobe dance challenge include Darren Espanto, IƱigo Pascual, PBB loveteam MayWard and of course Liza Soberano.


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