Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ella Cruz Wows The Crowd WIth Her Latest Dance Cover "NO SCRUBS"


Ella Cruz wanted to take her own spin and level-up on her dancing career that she took the risk of taping a video of her, dancing solo on the beat of the 90’s hit song, “No Scrubs”. With her usual hipster-swag vibe and OOTD, Ella indeed nailed it on this one dance cover once again. Her other trending videos included the dance covers of herself doing the “Twerk it Like Miley” dance, as well as the “Trumpets” song and definitely a lot more, so she took a modern spin on the retro hit song of the 90’s music taste.

Ella told the interviewers that she wanted to try something different on the way she makes her dance covers, and that she admitted that this is one of her most favorite songs, so why not make a dance cover of it right? And so Ella did. She even wrote on the caption:

“TLC's 'No Scrubs' is one of my favorite throwback songs.” We never knew that this young girl has got some taste on retro music! Because she is known for dancing songs that are on hype and trending on the radio and on each and everyone’s pocket player, so we really admit that this is a whole new attack on Ella’s dance covers. This happens to be the first time she dance solo and alone on a dance video so this is a completely different and new experience for the young starlet.

Also last month, before this “No Scrubs” dance, she and Julian Trono’s  “Versace on the Floor” dance cover hit the wires of social media and a trending video dance that quickly gained a lot of shares all around social media. The young actress has been busy lately with her life because aside from dancing for fun, she went back to school to pursue the dreams of her heart and enrolled on a school that offers a Fashion Designing course which Ella took up. According to her, if there would be a first and second love, that would be dancing and fashion designing. She also said that she helped on designing the gown she wore on the recent Star Magic Ball.


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