Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ella Cruz Vs AC Bonifacio In An Epic Dance Showdown


Trending dance videos of viral social media dancer and Kapamilya star and actress Ella Cruz had made rounds on the internet world and thousands of fans commended her awesome dancing skills. But wait, seems to be that Ella has got a competitor and a challenger in dancing. While Ella can seriously dance and has dedicated her whole time practicing to be a great dancer, people claim that her challenger, AC Bonifacio, has totally beaten her out on a dance showdown of them together.

Dancing on the beat of the music inside a dance hall, the two showcased together their dance piece and apparently done a showdown while performing a dance cover. Ella is obviously giving her signature hip dance moves and hand works while AC has gotten all the votes for being a graceful dancer onstage. Ella is a great dancer and her moves are enthralling and captivating, but when you happen to watch AC, she moves lightly as if dancing is easier as simply breathing. Her foot works are great and the way she moves her body is utterly amazing, making dancing look as if it was easy and can be done by almost everyone. Fans easily commented and sparked a small argumentation on who did better. Some say that it is not a fair comparison between Ella and AC. Both were great dancers but AC stood out against Ella. One fan pointed out:

“Dyan makikita ang pinagkaiba ng magaling sumayaw sa magaling gumalaw.”

[And here folks we can see the real difference between a great dancer and a great mover.]

Fans of AC claim that the young celebrity has got her innate talents on dancing while Ella poured all her strength and effort in practicing to perfect her moves and grooves. But nevertheless, both were equally gifted on dancing and yes, AC nailed it on this one but we can say that Ella did a pretty good job on this one.


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