Thursday, March 2, 2017

Edward Barber Admits He Has Feelings For Maymay Entrata


On the recent episode of Pinoy Big Brother, Teen housemate Edward Barber openly admitted his blossoming feelings for co-housemate Maymay Entrata. Watch the following video and see how Edward courageously confessed on television.

It’s not new to the Pinoy Big Brother viewers that some housemates fall in love with each other their stay in the Big Brother house. What more if they stayed up to finale week and to think that this season is the longest season of PBB so far?

The remaining hosusemates of the Pinoy Big Brother house were challenged to tell the truth in the lie detector test that Big Brother had prepared for them to test how worthy they are in their current position which just few days closer to the Big Night.

The most talked about housemate who went in the lie detector test was Edward Barber due to his honesty on answering personal questions thrown by PBB host Toni Gonzaga. One of the controversial questions that he answered was about his feelings for Maymay.

Without any hesitation, Edward answered that he finds Maymay beautiful and attractive. Although he can’t say what the future might bring, he is not closing his doors to court Maymay whom he described as woman without any arte and very genuine person.

Furthermore, Edward confirmed that he also got crush to his co-housemate Kisses but it was just during his first weeks in the PBB house.


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