Monday, March 27, 2017



They say, you would know the true attitude of a person if that person is under the influence of alcohol because all secrets can be revealed when you’re drunk including who you truly are. Watch Vice Ganda during hashtag Zeus Collins’ birthday blow-out.

The video clips in this video were captured during Zeus Collins’ birthday celebration with Vice Ganda and his friends. As seen in the video, the celebrities were at a bar in Quezon City and having the best of their lives – drinking and playing around as if they do not have any reputation to watch over.

The first video clip showed Zeus Collins who looked quite tipsy and was filmed saying ‘I love you’ to Vice Ganda. It was replayed few times in slow motion confirming that he said it which sounded without any malice but just a casual ‘I love you’.

After their drinking session, one gay friend wasn’t able to maintain his sane and was caught sleeping outside the bar on a couch. Since Vice is known as the ‘bully’ friend, he took the opportunity to make fun of his friend by documenting his most embarrassing moment yet.

Zeus Collins’ company on the other hand were quite gentlemen at that time and wrapped their gay friend’s body with their jackets to keep him warm. However, Vice Ganda again made fun out of it and continued to bully his friend.

Later that night, Vice went home tipsy but still  manage to channel the concert performer inside him.


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