Friday, March 17, 2017

Comedian Sir Jack Does Twerk With Rbreezy Girl Rapsy


This is the wildest dance cover that we saw online yet and it seemed Sir Jack had hit the jackpot for having a collaboration with RBreezy girl Mariel Jane Russel Mallillin or popularly known as RBreezy babe Rapsy. Hit the play button to know what we are talking about.

This 40-second video or Sir Jack as posted on his facebook page has gained hundreds and thousands of views online not only because of Sir Jack’s popularity online but due to his invited guest on his show RBreezy babe Rapsy who gave her ‘all’ in the viral video.

Well, all of us expect that the video would be steamy due to the presence of RBreezy babe Rapsy who became much popular online for her very provocative and daring videos. Although it is expected that this newly posted video of Sir Jack will be quite daring, still many could not contain their feels as they watch the video since Rapsy confidently exposed her well sculpted and flawless behind while she twerked.

Sir Rapsy, on the other hand, looked very pleased with Rapsy’s performance

With this, the netizens especially the men dropped in the comments section that their hope had gone high after watching the video.

As of this writing, Sir Jack and RBreezy babe Rapsy’s collaboration video has now reached 209K views.


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