Friday, March 24, 2017

CAUGHT ON CCTV : Hospital's Stretcher Moving On Its Own


Hospitals are considered one of the creepiest places on earth because for some this place is destined to be their final destination. In fact, all of us believe that hospitals house wandering souls – souls that haven’t seen the path of light yet or souls that still could not accept that they are no longer part of the world.

Speaking of souls, this CCTV footage of a hospital went viral due to its very creepy and eerie content. If you want to know what it is, better hit the play button of the following video.
This video brought a great scare in the online world for proving that ghosts are real and are living with us. In the CCTV footage of a hospital in Rosario, a black stretcher was caught moving on its own somewhere outside the hospital.

It didn’t just moved one time and with limited motion but it moved as if someone was pushing and pulling it. The push and pull motion continued until the stretcher reached the gutter where it fell straight to the ground.

Also, there was another footage shown in the viral video where one stretcher moved on its own and was witnessed by a hospital staff which shocked him to death and just decided to immediate leave the area.
However, some netizens thought that the scene was scripted and believed that there were strings attached to the hospital beds which caused them to move.


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