Monday, March 20, 2017

"BIGYAN MO NAMAN AKO NG RESPETO " ANdrea Brillantes Mad at Her Big Sister


Childhood memories won’t be complete without the day-to-day teasing and pranks played upon on us by our elder siblings. Our elder siblings just can’t get enough of us crying over meager stuffs and mean pranks on the youngsters like most of us and even celebrities have this crazy familial habits done to them as well. Andrea Brillantes, a Kapamilya actress and teen magazine model, shares a video of her and her elder sister as she plays a prank on the young actress. Andrea gets obviously upset and cried out: “Bigyan mo naman ako respeto!”

Apparently, the young actress was eating her favorite oreo cookie accompanied with a sip of fresh milk on a cup as she was browsing through social media when all of a sudden, her elder sister, who was holding the camera, took her cookie away from between her fingers’ grasp while snickering away and laughing. Andrea immediately called out and threw funny tantrums at her sister as she was seated on her bed and her sister backing away from a distance. The young Kapamilya actress cried out loud: “Tinatamad na ko tumayo please naman! Bigyan mo naman ako respeto!”. This made her sister laugh at her crazy tantrum.

Netizens reacted and sympathized with the actress for they have went through the same “bullying” done by their elder siblings. One even commented, jokingly: “Ganyan ang hirap na dinaranas ng mga nakababatang kapatid sa mga ate at kuya nila.”

(That is the difficulty that children have to go through because of their older siblings.)

We will always miss our moments with our siblings like this soon as we grow up and grow old and mature. We will never have the same moments with them. Even if the youngsters go through hell under their elder siblings’ rule, these will always be moments to cherish and memories to treasure.

You can watch the full video here


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