Thursday, March 30, 2017

6 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Drink Beer


Many say that drinking alcoholic beverage is not good for the health especially to the liver. That’s why many supplements came out in the market to at least counter the fatal effects of these beverages since a lot of people nowadays patronize alcoholic beverages especially beer.

However, various studies proved that beer can somewhat improve your health. Know the details by watching the following video and after you watch, you might think that grabbing a bottle of beer would be a great idea. 

People even the younger generation are hooked trying all sorts of alcoholic drinks especially the different varieties of beer as drinking is considered as one of the most-preferred form of unwinding of the current generation.

Well, good news for all the drinking enthusiasts out there because drinking is not only good for relieving stress, it also gives benefits to your health:

1.    It’s good for your heart – Reasonable consumption of beer reduces the risk of heart attack by 25-40%.
2.    It reduces cholesterol levels – By enjoying beer, you raise your level of ‘good’ cholesterol.
3.    It improves bone density – There’s a lot of Silicone in beer which connects muscle and bone mass.
4.    It prevents the appearance of kidney stones – Regular consumption of beer reduces the chances of kidney stones formation by 40%.
5.    It reduces risk for type 2 diabetes
6.    It prevents dementia – Beer helps prevent oxidative stress which is the main cause of dementia.


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