Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vice Ganda's Heart Touching Message In His Valentines Concert


This year’s Valentines’ day concert of Vice Ganda was filled with different pasabog of not just unkaboggable production but also segments that certainly marked in the hearts of his audience and one of which is this one.

You might think that Vice Ganda’s concert for this year was only filled with death defying performance and stand up comedy. Think again because his concert for this year went far from the usual. This time, Vice Ganda unleashed his feelings for someone who was very dear to him through a very emotional spoken word poetry.

It’s already known to everyone that Vice Ganda kept his recent relationship in private because he doesn’t want his partner to be feasted by the public since he is a well known athlete wearing the name of our country.

For the first time since he opened up about his relationship status, Vice Ganda came into the little details of how his relationship with his past lover went. As he mentioned in his poem, keeping their relationship from the eyes of the public was very difficult since they got no option because their set-up is not yet acceptable by the majority.

Although they kept everything as a secret, nothing can match their happiness every time they’re in the company of each other. In the end, true love prevailed that If you love someone, you must set that person free. Tragic as you might think but Vice thought that he did the right thing.


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