Friday, February 17, 2017

Veteran Actor John Regala Suffers Heart Attack ?


A veteran actor, known for playing the “bad boy” roles on various TV shows and action films who was co-starred with premiered action stars like Ace Vergel, Rudy Fernandez, Robin Padilla back then on the time of the glory days of Philippine action film. Actor, John Regala, was allegedly spotted and has been reported to have collapsed and sprawled due to a heart attack at the Savemore Zapote Supermarket in Cavite. John Regala was last seen on a TV series, “Ang Probinsyano” starred by Coco Martin wherein the veteran actor plays the role of the corrupt congressman, Randolph Subito. Witnesses have said that the actor apparently collapsed though some speculated that the news tell otherwise.

Regala was a premiered actor of the decade, with a promising career and a rise to fame only if he has not been caught up with illegal drugs to which he entered a rehabilitation facility and came out back into the world as a changed man and joined the religious sect of Born Again Christians. On a Friday, February 17, 2017, photos circulated online claiming that the actor has gained some news and made some noise on the social media world after he has been “spotted” and pictures of him were allegedly taken from the local supermarket where claims say that he had sprawled on the ground due to a heart attack.

The photos have shown a decrepit condition of the actor who looked really weak on the floor as some came in for help. They claim that he had suffered from the sudden attack but however, netizens were not convinced enough to say that the man on the photos were the veteran actor himself. Other sources claim and some other users say that it might not be the actor himself but rather a look-alike. Regardless of that, people are being puzzled and concerned over this man’s identity, regardless of him being a celebrity or not.

No one has claimed yet whether the man is John Regala himself or rather a look-alike of the actor. The identity of the man on the picture has not yet been identified nor verified by news. Whether a celebrity or not, extend a helping hand to this man and help him try to reach out to his family or anyone who knows him to be able to provide the proper healthcare.


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