Sunday, February 26, 2017

Versace on the Floor Dance by Zeus Collins


PBB former housemate and Hashtag member Zeus Collins surprised his fans with dance cover of “Versace On The Floor” which now hit more than a million views in less than a week. Be part of this growing digit by watching the video below.

Although Zeus only uploaded part of his dance cover of Bruno Mars’ hit “Versace On The Floor”, he already showed enough and defended his title of being the “God of the Dancefloor” as suggested y his name.

Judging the 1-minute dance cover, it’s pretty justifiable to say that the entire video was jam packed not just with Zeus abs but also by his grace. Certainly, there’s no single second that seemed very dull or as how you described it in Filipino – ‘walang tapon’.

Choreography wise, it’s expected that Zeus could really give justice to the Bruno Mars’ song though it’s more on the side of coming up with song cover not a dance cover. Well, it’s just proven that Zeus is really on top of his game by producing a dramatic yet sexy dance interpretation of the song.
Same with how we took this dance cover, many netizens were also amazed. One netizen judged Zeus performance as ‘masarap ang pagkakasayaw’ while others dropped the famous phrase ‘uwian na, ginalingan eh’.

As of this writing, this “Versace On The Floor” dance cover of Zeus has reached 1.2 million views.


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