Thursday, February 23, 2017

Survivors of Tanay Bus Accident Shares Details Before Accident


The supposed educational trip of the 50 students of Bestlink College turned out to be their nightmare and for some their last. Many mourned and felt sorry for the families that lost a member in the tragic bus accident while the ones who have been spared chose to break their silence to reveal what truly happened before the tragic accident took place.

According to one of the survivors, moments before the accident some technicalities had already risen. Before they reach Tanay, Rizal, students were complaining due smell of burning rubber in their bus and unexplainable rise in temperature of the bus’ floors. Although the students were alarmed by the abnormalities in the bus, still the bus driver continued the trip until the worst nightmare happened.
The driver realized that the bus got no brakes and as mentioned by the survivor, the bus driver apologized saying, “Sorry nawalan ako ng preno.” That was the time everybody panicked and said their prayers.

“Ginawa na lang po naming nasa likod kumapit na lang po kami tapos nagsign of the cross na lang kami ng sign of the cross, nagdasal na lang po kami na si God na po ang bahala,” revealed the survivor.

One survivor also shared the aftermath of the grim accident.

“Yung iba nakita ko nakaupo pero natusukan sila ng bakal sa paa tapos yung iba po biyak na yung mukha. Nung nakita kop o yun nablangko na ko, naghanap na ko ng daan palabas,” Cristobal said.
Although this accident created a great mark in the life of the students that survived, Cristobal continued that she will be moving on and pursue her dreams.


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