Sunday, February 19, 2017

Super Inggo Star Makisig Morales Covers Gary V Song " WAG KA NANG UMIYAK "


Remember the kid who we grew up with and completing our post-childhood memories with his fantasy series “Super Inggo” and for being one of those Kapamilya child stars who used to be one of the cutest and most adorable child-sidekicks of the past decade? YES! You got it right! Makisig Morales, known for his title role in Super Inggo, is back and making some rounds around the internet after the viral song cover of him singing Gary Valenciano’s song “’Wag Ka Nang Umiyak”, a part of the OST and theme song of the hit action TV series, “Ang Probinsyano” starring Coco Martin.

Makisig, who is now all grown-up into a fine young man, sings perfectly well tunes that could be well enough compared with the original singer because of the amazing pitch and voice harmony of the former child star. We were very surprised that this young man who used to make people laugh back then on his “Super Inggo” days, can actually show off some hidden singing talent skills that were never been put into show back on his glory days. We may wonder where he has gone to after he took a break from show business and focused on his life to attend school and live a normal life away from the spotlight. His career went up on a decline after rising child stars were introduced into the market of celebrities and eventually, kids will outgrow the role people expect them to still be. Makisig, however, seems not to have any regrets leaving show business for a while and lives a happy peaceful life right now in Australia along with his family.

Makisig also starred a lot of films and TV series aside from Super Inggo. He was known for being a clever, quirky sidekick usually by matured actors and actresses. After the song cover went viral, people requested for more song covers coming from the young actor and people can also expect that sooner or later, this “makisig” [handsome] young man can also be given a break for a record career.


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