Monday, February 27, 2017

Sandara and Robi, Gretchen Ho Revealed The Truth


Along with the rumors about the break-up of Robi Domingo and Gretchen Ho, speculations arise about Robi Domingo having an intimate relationship with Sandara Park. Are the speculations real? Gretchen Ho broke her silence.

Everytime Sandara Park visits the country there will always be a time where she’s spotted with Robi Domingo and so as with Robi everytime he comes to South Korea, Sandara Park gives time to meet him up which probably became the reason why her name is now dragged in the alleged break-up of Robi and Gretchen.

During her recent visit in the country for a vacation and to watch Vice Ganda’s Valentines’ day show, Sandara was asked about the issue and instantly denied her involvement in the alleged break-up. According to her, she and Robi are very good friends and described him as “very mabait na kaibigan”.

Taking Gretchen Ho’s side, she posted on her twitter account to confirm that Sandara Park has nothing to do with her relationship with Robi Domingo being on the rocks.
Here are her tweets:

“Please don’t believe everything you read or hear. Will clarify soon enough. Just give us time. Thanks.”

“Time. Respect. Prayers. Thank you.”
As of the moment, Robi Domingo has not given his side yet about the issue.

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