Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ms Thailand of Miss Universe 2017 Heartbreaking Real Life Story


Chalita Suansane or popularly known as Miss Thailand had made news a day after she left the country after attending the Miss Universe pageant. Her very humble story went viral online making her again as one of the talked about people this week. Learn her story here.

Apart from winning the hearts of the viewers for landing a spot in the Top 13, The representative of Miss Thailand has again caught the netizens because of her humble beginning. Her fan page on Facebook shared a post revealing Chalita’s hardships before she was crowned as Miss Thailand and be their country’s representative on Miss Universe.

On the post, it was reveled that she’s been helping her mother to make a living since she was at the age of four. The post comes with a photo of Chalita when she’s in her school uniform carrying a tray of goods that she’s offering inside her school premises. Although she didn’t go into details the type of work she’s doing to help her mom, the single photo alone revealed a lot of hardship that she’s been before she came to the Miss Universe pageant.

It’s no doubt that through her beauty inside out, she became the crowd and people’s favorite and we’re pretty sure that her story won’t just end after the Miss Universe pageant as proven by the number of supporters that she gained from across the world.


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