Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mentally-Impaired Woman Who Was Caught Taking Care of her New Born


No gift is much more special than a gift of life. It’s the best gift that only women have the capability to give guided by the grace of the almighty. One of the luckiest women who had been able to realize her essence is this mentally-impaired woman who was caught taking care of her new born on the side street.

This mentally-impaired woman has become a good example to women for going through with life despite having another baggage. Facebook user Honey Stepanie shared on the social media photos of this unstable woman trying to become the best mother for her newborn baby boy.

"Buti pa itong babaeng baliw at kaya nya isilang. ang kanyang anak dito Mundo, kaysa naman mga babae matino, ang pag iisip. Papatayin ang sariling anak alam, ko bukas marami naman hindi reglahin sa March ,Sana isa na itong sample sainyo itong babae na kulang sa pag iisip Sana tularin natin sya ,na buhayin ang sariling dugo at Laman na galing sa kaharutan tama na ang ang pag patay sa baby walang kinalaman sa ka landian , ameen

As mentioned by Stepanie on the caption, the privilege of being a mother has now taking for granted by some people due to the irreversible fault that they committed. Not everyone can be a mother, that’s why women who have capability to bring life into this world is considered as a big blessing. 
Thanks to this mentally unstable woman for enlighting us that no matter how hard life gets, move forward. Creating another mistake won’t rectify the mistake it rooted from. All we need is to take this woman as an example or better yet an inspiration.

As of this writing, these photos have touched 19K netizens with some of them calling the attention of the government to at least extend their assistance to this woman and her baby.


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