Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Liza Soberano Showdown With Janella Salvador . Who Does it Better?


It’s not new for the fans to see both Liza Soberano and Janella Salvador spending time together backstage since these two are good friends. To further prove this, here is a video of them caught rehearsing together backstage before hitting the ASAP floor.

This 1-minute video taken by Liza’s staff instantly went viral and has now more than a million views for catching Liza and Janella’s funny side behind the camera. Minutes before their production number, both the teen actresses lent time to review their choreography in order to give their audience a performance that is worth to open the Sunday noontime show.

In the video, Liza tried to rehearse few of lyrics of the song they’re assigned to perform while Janella practiced her dance adlibs particularly her winning sexy sway. Moreover, Liza remained her bright aura and continued rehearsing.

Many netizens, of course adored Liza and Janella not only with how their stars shine now but also for their friendship. However, some netizens noticed the person taking the video and found that he also contributed to the ‘aliw’ factor of the video due to his hilarious comments and super proud moment to see how diligent his ‘alaga’ is.

The said production number was performed last Sunday for ASAP’s opening where the brightest stars in the Kapamilya network performed Spice Girls’ hits.
Liza and Janella were joined by Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Barretto in their production.

Check the dance showdown here


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