Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Liza Soberano Not Happy in Enrique Gil's Prank


Unlike many men, Enrique Gil surprised Liza Soberano the unconventional way on Valentines’ day. What did he do? Find out by watching the following video.

Forget the bouquet of flowers, chocolates and candle light dinner because Enrique Gil had come up with a pretty literal and effective idea on how to surprise the most beautiful face in show business, Liza Soberano. Well, scrap the idea of those bouquet made of chicken nuggets, it’s way far different from that.

On Tuesday night, Enrique Gil posted on Instagram a video documenting his unconventional Valentines’ day surprise to his love team Liza Soberano. It took place inside a comfort room where Enrique hid and waited for Liza to come in. Moments later, the main door shut open signalling Liza has entered the room.

Without any clue that Enrique was inside the comfort room, Liza was surprised seeing Enrique jumped out as she entered the area. She wasn’t able to shout out of surprise because everything happened so quickly but she looked a bit annoyed. However, she still managed to smile after the scare prank during the last seconds of the clip.

Before the day ends, Liza posted a bouquet of blue roses on her Instagram which the fans presumed came from Enrique Gil.

As of now, this video has garnered thousands of views and was already shared by different sites and facebook pages.

This certainly proves that these two love birds are very much comfortable with each other.


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