Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Liza Soberano Juju On That Beat Dance Video Earned Praises from Many Netizens


We often see Liza Soberano as a pretty face on various ads and TV commercials but we seldom see her off camera without all the fancy and glamorous set-up. If you want to see how Liza lives as a celebrity, here is a peak of what she does behind the camera.

Liza Soberano can be seen most in beauty advertisements. She’s the face of Maybelline and Olay. Apart from just being beautiful and a promising actress, Liza also has something to show-off on the dance floor given that her love team Enrique Gil is known with his angas when it comes to dancing.
As mentioned, it’s quite rare to see Liza Soberano outside her packaging as a pretty and promising actress but this dance rehearsal with Enrique Gil will probably change your mind and label Liza as not just a pretty and promising actress but also a dance machine
In the video, LizQuen was caught rehearsing for a dance production together with their back-up dancers. It’s noticeable that Liza was not left out by Enrique Gil in terms of moves and grooves, although they’re just still on rehearsal. What more if they’re on the actual dance floor, right?

This is where Liza redeemed herself from her previous viral video where netizens bashed her for not dancing in sync with the music. Well, all that we can say is that sometimes in life we have ups and downs but certainly, in this video, Liza proved her bashers wrong.


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