Monday, February 13, 2017

Liza Soberano Admits Real Feelings Towards Enrique Gil


Last night’s episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice” was filled with so much kilig and revelation from the hottest love team Lizquen. Apart from their upcoming Valentine movie, what’s the latest with them? Know the answer by watching the following videos.

It’s undeniable that Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are very mutual with their feelings for each other but they still remained silent as to what is the real score between them until the February 13 episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

Since Vice Ganda gets what he wants, he was able to make Liza Soberano admit her real feelings to Enrique Gil. Without buckling, he asked the 19-year-old actress if she loves Enrique Gil. Liza, on the other hand, adorably reacted by telling Vice that she can’t answer the question because Enrique might hear it because he was sitting on her side.

How did she give her response? She secretly nodded to Vice without Enrique noticing it. Anyway, he would still know her answer by watching the video online, right? We just can’t wait how Enrique would react after knowing Liza loves him (to the next level).

After admitting Liza’s feelings for Enrique, Vice Ganda urgently called her manager Ogie Diaz to tell and surprise him that LizQuen will soon be an item. Ogie Diaz was of course surprised with the announcement but maintained his calmness reminding Liza her priorities and the ‘verbal’ contract of having a boyfriend that she promised not to jeopardize.

In the end, Ogie Diaz gave his blessings to the two as long as their work will not be compromised.


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