Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is This A Sea Monster ? Here is What The Expert Says


White hairy carcass of was claimed a sea monster by the locals was found on the sea shore of Cagdianao in Dinagat, eastern Philippines. Photos of the claimed sea monster went viral yesterday after facebook user Marjorie Cabatingan Aboy posted them online. Take a look at the following photos and be the judge.

This gigantic white hairy remains of an unknown creature was washed by the waves to the shore of Cagdianao. The locals who first encountered the carcass thought that it’s a sea monter due to its very unusual feature. As mentioned by Aboy on her post, “My God, what is this creature? So scary, all these things coming out of the sea. What could be the meaning of these appearances? We leave our fate to you, Lord."

However, according to experts who saw and examine the carcass, the remains could be of a whale that decayed badly. Marcus Chua of Curator of Mammals at Singapore's Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) told GMA News, the unusual sighting is very likely a dead whale. The white strands are probably decomposing blubber and connective tissue.

It was not the first time that same creature had been washed off to shores. In 1924, same sighting was also encountered by the locals in Magate, South Africa.

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