Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Is this Kiray Celis Boyfriend !?


These past few days the online world was stunned seeing Kiray now dating and to make it more surprising I that she's d Kiray Celis recently posted photos of her and a male hottie model which both seemed to have mutual feelings for each other. Kiray's alleged suitor is Filipino fashion model Kirst Viray. We're quite sure these two feel something special for each other beyond the friendship zone.

On one of Kiray's Instagram posts, she posted a video of Kirst holding a white rose which Kiray captioned with sweet yet "makulit" birthday message telling him to remain loving to his family, a trait which Kiray loved. She also joked that she won't be accepting the rose the next time he would attempt to give her again.

Checking Kirst IG, it seemed that the hottie model was also smitten by the former "Goin' Bulilit" star. On Valentine's day, he posted a photo with Kiray telling his followers that he's not alone spending the Valentine's day. Cutely, he reminded his Valentine's date Kiray on the caption not to forget their slippers.

When it comes to the netizens' reactions, many felt happy for Kiray and even describe her lovelife now as "May nanalo na". However, we think Kirst is luckier to have Kiray as partvof his life for the simple reason that she's naturally funny and beautiful inside and out.

What's the score between the two? Well, as of now, both parties have not yet confirmed anything yet but by judging their photos, we think they're already closely approaching to 'that' stage.

What do you guys think?


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