Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Liza Soberano Defends Her Fan Who Wants Selfie With Her


We can’t blame some celebrities for losing their final straw most especially during public events where sometimes the crowd is uncontrollable. This video of Liza Soberano during a public event has gained hundreds and thousands of views for the reason of how she treats fans behind the camera. Hit the play button to find out.

Garnering almost half a million views, this video of Liza Soberano proved that the 19-year-old actress is different from other celebrities. In the clip, one fan was very persistent to come close to Liza to the point that she shouted as loud as she could to catch the attention of the young actress. By putting ourselves in this fan’s shoes, it would be impossible for the fan to be noticed by Liza because of the number of securities guarding the star as they clear her way.

With burning desire to be able to at least come close to Liza, the fan rushed to the closest spot possible which was face to face with Liza’s security and shouted Liza’s name to get her attention. Luckily, the Kapamilya actress saw her in the crowd and may be Liza saw her persistence and without any hesitation, she talked to her security, assured her that it is okay. The security immediately grated her request and made way to the fan to come close to Liza and have selfie with her.

The lucky fan didn’t only have a selfie with Liza but also with her love team Enrique Gil.

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