Monday, February 27, 2017

Gretchen Ho Cries When Asked About Boyfriend Robi Domingo


Not many would meet their most significant other half throughout the course of life, and you would be able to stumble and meet that someone, might as well take hold of it tightly and never let go of it. Because as they say, this would be the most sincere love you’ll ever witness in your life and if it walks out of the door, that person would have been the one that got away. Luckily for this two celebrity couple, their relationship was deemed for keeps.

Pinoy Big Brother host, Robi Domingo guests at the “unkabogable” star’s late-night, good vibes TV show, GGV: Gandang Gabi Vice, together with his long-time girlfriend, the Ateneo Lady Eagles star volleyball player, Gretchen Ho. The two had been together since God-knows-when, and they have been apparently seeing each other and been in love for about a long time already. So the GGV host, Vice Ganda, intrigues the two and interviews them on what might their reactions be if one loses the other. He also pointed out the love that is pulsating from the couple, and says it is “viral” and influences many inside the studio, as if they can really feel the sincere love of the two. Vice Ganda asks that what if Gretchen will wake up one day and not a text message nor a call were to be received by her from Robi, how would her life be if without him? Gretchen gets emotional and shed quite some tears on her seat, and Robi would tend to tell Vice and the people that his girlfriend is quite a “cry-baby” and tends to get a little emotional easily, that’s why when asked, Gretchen was quite in tears. She honestly told Vice Ganda that if without Robi, it would be as if her life or a part of her would be gone missing or would be lost. And it would have never been the same without him, and that same goes to Robi.

Robi in turn said that even with all the trivials and challenges life throws at them, be it been them busy with their own careers or with their own stuffs, it’s alright. Robi stated at the end, “I will and I am always willing to wait.”


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