Wednesday, February 22, 2017

FUNNY : Vice Ganda Not Happy In Vhong's Joke


The relationship among the “It’s Showtime” hosts is known to be no pretentions even if the camera is rolling their natural treatment to each other can be seen whether they’re happy with each other’s company or they have a little tampuhan.

Yesterday, Vice and Vhong encountered a bit of tampuhan because of Vhong’s insensitive joke to Vice. While interviewing “Tawag Ng Tanghalan” contestant, Sam, Vhong joked about Vice Ganda’s new hairstyle by asking if it’s bonnet since Sam is known for his trademark wearing bonnet during all his performance.

 Felt a bit offended, Vice returned Vhong with jokes threatening him. Vhong took Vice jokes lightly by exchanging him with funnier jokes and laughs. However, the unkaboggable star didn’t let the situation pass without achieving the revenge he desired.

In the end, Vice asked Vhong to kiss him for him to forgive him. The clip ended when Vhong clarified what kind of kiss he wanted for apology, does she want the kind of kiss popularized by his friend Chocoleit?

Meanwhile, there were times that their co-host interrupted with the argument. There was a time Anne Curtis joined the argument but ended up as another subject for Vice joke while Karylle tried to calm Vice down by complimenting the host and sharing their experience during the time when a lot of netizens liked his photo posted online.

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