Sunday, February 12, 2017

FUNNY : Kisses Delavin Hilarious Reaction During Her Plane Ride


As a reward after succeeding a weekly task by Big Brother, PBB Teen Housemates, KissYong (Kisses and Yong) wins a privilege of a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ride an ultralight plane. On a recent episode of the iconic TV show in the Philippines, the duo went out of the walls of the big yellow house and out into the “outside world” to try out this very exciting activity. Regular housemates who succeeded the task were also given the opportunity like Cora and Tanner.

However, when things get a little too excited and giddy, Kisses Delavin seems like the only one who did not enjoy the activity—not because she did not like it, but because she was caught on camera sleeping almost most of the time while riding the ultralight plane while aerial touring. When the teen housemate took a ride on the seat and fastened safety belts, she was already screaming out and covering her eyes even before the plane took a lift from the ground! The funny teen housemate removes her hands from her eyes when she realized that the plane was just maneuvering on the ground before flying up into the clouds.

While taking a lift from the ground, Kisses was spotted to be yawning while air grasps around her cheeks. Sooner or later, she was seen snoring and not responding anymore to the pilot talking to her realizing that the young lady beside her has already fallen asleep. During and in between plane rides as well, Kisses would open her eyes, be shocked and terrified, then falls back asleep again!

The plane ride ends with Kisses signed in to Dreamland. The plane landed on the ground with Kisses’ head on the clouds still. Yong rides off from his own plane and wakes Kisses up. The young lady was shocked and realized that everything is already over. She even exclaimed:

“Tapos na? Hala! Di ko ‘man lang po namalayan. Hehe! [Laughs]”

[“It’s over? Oh my! I didn’t even notice it. Hehe! (laughs)”]

You can watch the full video here


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