Monday, February 6, 2017

Fliptop Battle Rapper Sinio vs Anne Mateo's Mother ( DEMANDAHAN )


They say that Fliptop is the new “Balagtasan” of Filipinos, but some would not certainly agree with it because of the nature of the language being used on Fliptop battles is quite rude, harsh, and innately rich in foul words which is quite a complete opposite of the balagtasan simply because it does not serve as a great example and role models for young viewers. Recently circulating around the internet news, fliptop MC Sinio was filed with a lawsuit by a mother of someone he insulted onstage. The woman, named Anne Matteo, a girlfriend of the opponent onstage of Sinio during the Fliptop battle, Shehyee—another fliptop MC faced by Sinio that triggered the controversial issue. Watching the video of Sinio vs. Shehyee, we could certainly observe the harsh words and foul words he threw towards Shehyee’s girlfriend, Anne Matteo, and apparently calling her a harlot or a “hoe” for seemingly being known on the internet to be sexy freelance model who got her ticket to fame through the internet. The controversy sparked after her mother planned to file a case and sue Sinio because of the fliptop battle.

Sinio posted on his social media account [Facebook], saying that he had already smelled and heard of the plans of suing him and while everyone thought it was Anne who personally filed the case, he immediately posted another status update clarifying it was actually the mother of Anne who attempts to file a case. Shehyee cleared his name as well as he did not know anything about the issue of Anne’s mother and Sinio, and he too, personally, was shocked because of the decision. Sinio stated that he can never be able to explain and make the mother understand the mechanics of fliptop, and every attempt would be in vain even if he tried too. So he concluded it by saying that if there would be a lawsuit filed against him, then so be it. He can never change it anyway whatever he do—said Sinio.

Shehyee also posted to his account that he is taking steps to help fellow fliptopper Sinio sort things out between Anne’s mother and him. While there has been no news regarding the issue, the controversial fliptop battle is gathering lots of views because of the issue.