Friday, February 17, 2017

Fliptop Battle Between Shernan and Lil Sisa Turned "LIGAWAN "


Another trending fliptop battle captured all eyes because of the romantic nature that has gotten into it perfect for Valentine’s day—be it you’re single or not!

Shernan, a known fliptop star from Muntinlupa, and a shy but edgy female fliptop star, Lil Sisa, meets on the fliptop battle stage for a special, Valentine’s day battle. So this is Shernan vs. Lil Sisa—which rarely happens a man would be fighting a woman on the fliptop battle stage. The odds have met onstage and Shernan was the first one to speak out his emotions. While it is common for fliptop to be some sort of stage mockery and belittling towards the opponent, this battle was deemed different because it turns out that the battle appeared like it was a “spoken poetry” event because the rap lines thrown by Shernan was filled with “hugot” lines written all over its name. The love is on when Shernan expresses his thoughts and feelings towards Lil Sisa, jokingly telling her (which appeared to be halfway meant true) that they could have been together if Lil Sisa wasn’t caught up with some other guy. Lil Sisa’s turn, she immediately debunked the idea of her being his “forever” because she cannot simply see herself seeing some kind of guy like him. Everybody was hands-down towards Shernan, who, unlike any other male fliptoppers, respected the womanhood of Lil Sisa and did not say anything disrespectful or has done anything that would step on the latter’s womanhood. Respect and love was dancing all over the fliptop stage as Lil Sisa obviously won the centerstage for this rap battle round.

A guy has got to get the heart of the girl no matter what it takes. If it’s a title worth losing, it was worth losing for a girl who’ve won your heart.


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