Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ellen Adarna Dancing Underwater Catches Many Attention In Social Media


Probably one of the most in-demand stars of the current decade, Ellen Adarna never fails to make all her fans go crazy and nuts over her drop-dead  and hot bikini body. The actress simply knows how to flaunt her curves online and she never fails to attract the public attention that she wants on social media.

With her toned, flat tummy, and body wearing a black bikini, Ellen flaunts her curves underwater as she  dances while swimming on a pool with an underwater camera to record all her moves. With a tight, two-piece bikini, she sure knows the angle to catch the attention her fans and followers by her cleavage, and her toned muscles were much of compliment and regards, making men real crazy and women jealous of her sbody. Known to be athletic and quite a good swimmer, Ellen was flawlessly moving underwater as she swims her way through the waves underneath.

Ellen was known to be one of the hottest woman on the Philippines. She has enticed all people on the internet with her charm and beauty and her undeniable appeal. Probably a body for keeps for all her ex-boyfriends but none ever stood a chance to be with Ellen for a long time, not even the presidential son Baste Duterte who went from a breakup with the actress not-so-long-ago this year. The two had been reportedly seeing each other but not too soon after that, they have already announced their breakup sometime last month, and to think it was not even a long time for it to be kept and regretted by both of them. The actress did not even shared a feeling of remorse, even said that she wanted to have a child first but not to be committed with anyone, not right at this moment yet. So Ellen’s body is just for the show and not for keeps for any man. Great news though, she is in need of a partner to impregnate her and provide her baby before she turns 30. Gents out there might consider this chance!


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