Friday, February 10, 2017

"Crush " Short Film Inspired By True Story Reached 7 Million Views


Jollibee has uploaded another short film ad in preparation to the upcoming season of love. Same day as their first presentation the “Vow” uploaded, will this one satisfy your desire of a happily-ever-after ending? Find out and watch the following video.

This Jollibee short film advertisement made noise online for having a very relatable plot “Para sa mga hindi nag-give up sa pag-ibig”. Entitled “Crush”, the short film centered on the story of a nerdy male student who has a crush on a very pretty cheer leader. He played as a mysterious admirer who gives a yum burger to the cheer leader with a very thoughtful note to brighten up the girl he likes.
Of course, the story won’t be completed without another party or a rivalry. Yes, sadly, the cheerleader was being courted by a heartthrob basketball player and they ended up as boyfriend and girlfriend. On a brighter note, the male lead character was still persistent and continued to send the girl yum burgers with notes.

Fast forward to the alumni reunion, both the cheerleader and the nerdy male student attended the event. What took place during the years after the time the cheerleader chose the heartthrob player? We will leave this to you and see for yourself.

As of writing, this short film advertisement by Jollibee has reached 6.7 million views in less than 24 hours. Not to mention, many memes have already been uploaded inspired by this short film.


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