Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Badjao Girl Beautiful Transformation


All of us remember this hardworking and family-oriented girl who was captured by the lens of the camera carrying her little sibling while wandering around the busy streets in Quezon. With the amount of fame that she gained, TV shows looked for her to feature her humble yet inspiring story. How is this girl now?

Rita Gaviola AKA “Badjao Girl” made news in social media due to her enchanting beauty despite living a very hard life. Her photos became the way for the people to know more about her after being featured in numerous TV shows and her most recent appearance was in the current season of “Pinoy Big Brother” where she was invited to be one of the teen housemates.

Before entering the PBB house, Gaviola has already undergone a make-over particularly provided by the Sunday magazine show “Rated K”. From looking plain, she transformed into a beautiful lady and was readily picture perfect for photo shoots.

Weeks after being featured on “Rated K”, she’s been invited to be one of Big Brother’s teen housemate last year but was later evicted. Now, Gaviola is making again news for her very recent transformation.

The latest photos of Gaviola released surprised the netizens because after the PBB eviction, she again transformed into a much better version of herself. Now, she looked more like a celebrity and a high fashioned model. She got a better complexion and much happier with how her life was also been transformed.


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