Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Awra Challenges Andrea Brillantes into An Epic Dance Battle


Social media has made people rise into instant fame by just having a simple video upload, you went viral, and boom, FAME! While it is not the same as before, that aspiring people who wants to get to enter the show business, would really eat flame and hardships before they attain the fame and popularity they wanted. But now, anyone can be a potential star, and it could be a ladder to stardom if you were to be luckier. Celebrities like Maine Mendoza are a product of social media and look where they are now, on TV, on movies, even on t-shirts! So fame on social media has got a really great potential on the public pulse. No wonder that Filipinos like us who loves to smile and crack a laughter, catapulted the child star right now, Awra Briguela, into his showbiz career fame soon after his viral video. Now, he is seen and being watched on various shows like the primetime series, Ang Probinsyano, Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids Edition, and the film together with Vice Ganda, Parental Guardians. Fame has really made this kid fly into wonders.

But we never thought that aside from his commendable acting skills, and talent in making people laugh, Awra unleashes the beasts within him on the dance floor as he get to dance with the teen star, Andrea Brillantes who is also a child wonder back then when she used to star the former TV series by Julie Vega, Annaliza. Andrea, who was also known for her superb and awe-inspiring Musical.ly video covers, gets to dance and show-off her moves that that is not only Musical.ly worth it but also made to ablaze the dancefloor.

The two were recently taped as if rehearsing for an upcoming concert (probably on ASAP), but what we can say is that these two is an enough mixture of fun and wackiness drizzled with some pure awe-awesomeness and hotness. Damn son, these two get set up the stage on fire!

Watch the epic dance showdown of Awra and Andrea here


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