Friday, February 3, 2017

Angel Locsin Speaks Out Her Story WHy She Wear A Wig


They say there’s a lot of story behind when a woman cuts her hair off instantly. They say it is some form of stress-reliever, other say it is done when the woman gets her heart broken, and it’s like their scapegoat to move on and “be free” once again. But some really has got a heavy reason to just chop their long strands away just like the celebrity and sexy star, Angel Locsin.

Recently on her Instagram account, Angel shares a picture of her new hairstyle which happens so fast a few people did not see it coming. Apparently, this may seem like a treat-yourself-onto-a-makeover thing, Angel Locsin shares a deeper, darker, and a more complicated story behind it. She gave a statement saying: “Sh*t happens. Sh*t happens talaga.”, which probably expresses how she is deeply disappointed with what she has been forced to do because of her hair unusually falling out suddenly. Her hair horror apparently appeared somewhere last year, and her probable cause would be a failed hair treatment done by a salon she has been into. According to the Kapamilya actress, she has been hiding all her hair worry and disappointment under caps and wigs. She also said that the length of her hair came to an extent that it has been reduced into barely two inches. The horrific hair story of Angel was apparently from a salon which she refused to name for now, saying she’s taking “legal actions” regarding the matter. She also said that she had no plans to file a lawsuit if the salon proprietor will communicate to her well and settle things that needs to be settled. “Honestly, wala talaga akong plan para mag-file ng case but depende din kasi kung paano sila makikipag-usap sa akin. Gusto ko lang fair sila and I think iyon naman ang dapat, 'di ba? Kailangan may responsibility naman kasi talaga,” [“Honestly, I don’t have plans to file a case but it depends on how they will talk to me regardin the issue. I just want a fair game, and which I also think is most suitable for the situation, right? They just got to have responsibility on this one,”] explains the Kapamilya actress.

While Angel had one career ruined because of her hair falling out, and knowing she has been a known endorser of a shampoo brand, is quite a no-no because she can’t simply endorse a hair product if she had a hair problem such as this. Apparently, a name popping up on news sites, and according to a Tokyo Posh representative, they had not yet received a formal complaint from the actress. A lawyer, Estrella Elamparo also stated that the issue is yet premature at the moment  to arrive into conclusions and that the actress has gone to many salons and that the nature of the complaint is yet unidentified so both parties should undergo legal procedures and processes.


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