Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Andrea Brillantes Latest Dance Video Gets Social Media Attention


Even though after the controversial viral video which she allegedly starred in and apparently destroyed her career because of the nasty rumors that had been embedded on her namesake, this young celebrity actress decided to keep her mouth shut despite the issue and has apparently linked the video to her elder sister so as to kill the rumor and stop from continually dragging her name on the mud. Nevertheless, this young actress, Andrea Brillantes, knew well enough how to stand up and be known far over her good ol’ childhood career shows like Goin’ Bulilit and her title-role, formerly owned by the late Julie Vega, Annaliza. This teen actress had been some few TV roles from then on but had a booming career on modelling and social media popularity among the millennials right now. Known for her hipster-grunge fashion taste that suits the hype of people her age, as well as her always on-fleek eyebrows and makeup on-point, she does some video blogging on her time and has been doing a few dance videos on her YouTube channel.

Dubbed as the “Musical.ly Queen”, her Musical.ly video covers were being watched by people all over the world and believe it or not, some of her video covers were reviewed and watched by some popular YouTubers across the globe. Not only was Andrea good at showing her fancy hand moves on Musical.ly but she has got some grooves as well on the dancefloor. Gone were the days of her childhood career, she has shown a fiercer side of her and she is not afraid to dance her way to sexiness on her moves. With every move of her hips in time with her co-dancers and in the beat of the music, viewers were in total awe and digging up her new thing. Apparently, the young actress is being inclined to dancing lately after she had been videotaped with the rising young star, Awra Briguela.

Watch her amazing dance moves here, and better yet check out her Musical.ly videos if you haven’t yet seen them. Andrea, aside from her dance covers, was doing some video blogs on her channel you surely don’t want to miss!

More and more people are watching this Andrea Brillantes dance video, See it here


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