Sunday, February 19, 2017

Aika and John Tear Jerking Love Story in MMK ( Real Life )


When we all thought that it everything and every love story is too perfect and would be a fairytale-happy-ending, apparently not all love stories ended up on a happily-ever-after as there will always be a tragedy lurking on the shadows, and like a wolf, they prowl us on the moment we least expect it.

MMK, or Maalaala Mo Kaya, hosted by Ms. Charo Santos-Concio, a letter-sender was able to share her love story wherein it was well-predicted that one of them would eventually die in the end, they never knew who will go first. In the case of Aika, the letter-sender, the world cascaded down on ruins when she was diagnosed with cancer and was confined to a hospital, bed-ridden, and incapable of taking care of herself. Her boyfriend, John, however, never gave up nor showed weakness whenever he goes around taking care of her no matter how hard she pushes him away. Aika, who was portrayed by Julia Barretto, pushed her boyfriend away, John, who was played by Joshua Dionisio, and kept on saying “He was better off without me,” because Aika knew well enough that sooner or later, the cancer will destroy her system and she will eventually deteriorate and die. She can’t bear having John see all of these, and she knew he has got a lot in store waiting for him in the future. Little did they know that when everything is tragic enough for both of them, things could ever go worse as fate desires for them. Fate can indeed be cruel much more when it thinks that things could never go any worse than what it is able to bestow upon on.

A tragedy last year, March 2016, hit the lives of the couple and took the life of John on a van accident and it really shook Aika’s life when she thought it would have never been more shaken by cancer. She thought that she would leave the world sooner than her boyfriend, but little did they know that John would pass away much earlier than her. It wrecked Aika even more and it was far more difficult for her and she admitted it was quite a struggle to accept things and have it be adapted on screen. Her story has influenced and inspired a lot of viewers on the latest episode of MMK, and many commended the great acting of the rising stars and love-team, Julia Barretto, who was a niece of the premiered Claudine Barretto. Many also commended the acting of Joshua Dionisio, a former PBB Teen Housemate, who compared him to the acting of the renowned romantic-drama-comedy actor, John Lloyd Cruz.

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