Monday, February 20, 2017

Age Doesnt Matter : Jhong Hilario and His Non Showbiz Girlfriend


They say that age is just a number and it can never, ever hinder the love of two hearts that beat the same rhythm together. That’s why a lot of stars in the show business date people who are years and years apart from their age, taking for example, Freddie Aguilar and his teenager girlfriend who is far younger than his first child. Age is never a limitation indeed for loving and choosing a partner for life, that why we have her Jhong Hilario and his non-showbiz girlfriend who is a decade and a half younger than the Streetboys dancer.

The It’s Showtime! host, Jhong Hilario, shares a video compilation of him and her student-girlfriend sharing some adventures together here and abroad. The girl goes by the name Maia Leviste Azores, is yet simple but very beautiful. They say that simplicity is beauty, and those were two words to describe Jhong’s girlfriend. They have been dating and seeing each other for about 6 years now. The dancer/host has got a 15-year age gap with his current girlfriend, who seems not to mind the years that makes them apart which made love meet them halfway. While it may seem weird to have your boyfriend already hitting puberty and you were just there, sitting and chilling while waiting for your mother to bring you out into the world, the love-birds don’t seem to mind because age is just a number anyway, and it doesn’t stop them from sharing love with one another.

Jhong Hilario shares a bunch of pictures of them together on his social media accounts, as well as a compilation of their adventures together. The two had been already gone to places such as the savannah of Africa where they had a Safari Adventure ride along with giraffes running free on the wildlife sanctuary of the country. They also enjoyed the snows abroad during winter where they shared a sweet video recordings and pictures together.

glad to say that you can watch the full video here


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