Friday, February 24, 2017

" 2 Months na To " Says Julia Montes


One of the most secretive yet controversial star of the Philippine show business spills the beans about her on a recent Instagram post done by a close friend of the celebrity. Julia Montes is on and ready to admit something about her adept condition right now which will probably shake her fans and get people talking about her.

During a seemingly wedding rehearsal of a close celebrity friend, Julia Montes admits on a video footage of her, with the star wearing a black overall (top and leggings) and held her hair up on a bun, she admits on being pregnant for about two months already. And would you have guest who is the father of the thing inside her tummy? You guessed it right! LASAGNA. Ha! You might have thought that the career of Julia has gone haywire, you have never got it right because this girl’s priorities is on top! While there had been no apparent controversy about her love life, though she might have been linked to previous co-stars like Coco Martin and Enchong Dee, Julia Montes has never admitted anyone atop her suitors to have been dated by her ever. So other than food and lasagna, nothing else could fill that tummy of that rising star.

Girls will always be girls nevertheless. Nothing can ever satiate our thirst and hunger for more aside from food and food and more food. Always a cure for a sour mood of a girl is food, and what is to love without getting your heart broken better than pasta and pizza? Nothing else. Get yourself a box of lasagna, pasta, burger and pizza—top that all off with an extra-large fries and for sure you’d be “pregnant” and stuffed with all the food inside your stomach! The next time someone asks if you’re pregnant, your answer should be:

“Yes, I am forever in a relationship with our rice-cooker, and I have been impregnated with a scoop of extra rice. Hmm-mmm.”

And yes, this is being pregnant without regrets—except for weight gain!


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