Friday, January 20, 2017

Yaya Dub Joins " Nung Akoy Bata Pa " Parody


Maine Mendoza AKA YAYA DUB shows her fun and quirky side when she makes a cute parody of the viral video of two kids who fought in front of the camera called “Budak!” because the elder kid was supposed to be recording a song cover of herself in front of the camera while her younger bro was making wacky faces at her side. The kid punched her younger bro on the cheek wherein it took vengeance by spanking her and yanking her from the back. She cried to her mama and complained about her brother, Budak, who ruined her stardom career because of making wacky faces and completely destroying her “Facebook post”.

The "  Nung Akoy Bata pa. Ipopost Ko to sa Facebook Bwisit ka " thing became viral and many parodies have been posted in social media. The latest is Maine Mendoza's version.

Maine Mendoza was first discovered with her witty vines and facebook videos. Her most popular is the dubsmash video about Kris Aquino.

Watch Yaya Dub version of Nung Akoy Bata Pa below


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