Friday, January 13, 2017

What Happened To Meteor Garden Stars Now ? Watch It Here



Stars may fall but these stars completely shine even though they have parted ways to go on with their lives. Who's 90s baby will not know or hear about the hit TV show of 00's, "Meteor Garden" starred by Taiwanese actors, Vaness Wu, Jerry Yan, Ken Chu, Vic Zhou and actress, Barbie Hsu, were the key highlights of the show known for the F4 and Shan Cai. So, we may be wondering where these people are now after their hit series that spawned a lot of admirers and fans here in the Philippines.

Meteor Garden is about a bubbly girl called Shan Cai which led to her knowing the F4: Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo. It was to Lei who Shan Cai fell in love first but as the story progresses, Dao Ming Si have captured her heart.

The star who played Shan Cai, Barbie Hsu, after the Meteor Garden days, is now 39 years old and happily married to an entrepeneur and bore him two kids. Her career life is still booming as she was a member of the girl group S.O.S. and has a lot of modelling and endorsements with a famous wristwatch brand. She had a lot of TV series afterwards and was quite active with movies as well.

Ken Chu, played the role Xi Men, has led a successful solo career life in the music industry. After having to be discovered as a waiter on a restaurant, Ken pursued a career in acting and singing and launched a cookbook entitled "Delicious Experiences". He tiedthe knot with his long time girlfriend on a romantic and initimate wedding in Vietnam.

Vic Zhou, known for th sympathico guy of F4, the silent-type among the group, Hua Ze Lei, has been busy for making films and TV series after MG. He dated Barbie Hsu way back but their relationship ended after two years of being together. Zhou is now married to his long time girlfriend and is still continuing his career in show business.

Vaness Wu, known for the girl-magnet Mei Zuo of F4, started his performing career in singing and dancing after the MG days. He is now a co-judge in America's Got Talent along with other Hollywood celebrites. He is married to his girlfriend who is a daughter of a rich businessman from Vietnam.
Lastly, Jerry Yan was known for the role of Dao Ming Zi, a major heartthrob among the F4, was ironically the last who has not yet tied the know with anyone. Rumors may say that he is soon to walk down the aisle with the girl he's currently dating now, a well-known model. He has be active in making TV series still up today. His last series was from 2015.

Feel old yet? Nostalgia is written all over Meteor Garden.


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