Monday, January 2, 2017

What Ellen Adarna Does To This Cockroach Is Really Shocking


The question goes on why Ellen Adarna has managed to keep her fans loyal to her is no secret, for this girl has got some fun, quirky attitude going on aside from her being as hot and sizzling fry pan on a stove when it comes to her modelling and acting career. News may be keeping up to bring her down as her haters and bashers would wish to see, Ellen will always win through it all because unlike any actresses in the biz, she may look a high-cost chic but really, she is just as an average, low-maintenance gal who knows how to have simple fun without being too “maarte”.

Recently, Ellen posted on her Instagram account, taking a selfie-video of herself upon seeing a dead cockroach lying on the carpet of their floor. She immediately stooped over it, bent down and held the tiny roach on its antenna using her two fingers without signs of remorse or disgust. The actress dangled it on air like a kid showing it into the camera and playing around with it while holding it with her bare hands. She constantly laughs and talks to her companions in the house and even jokes about the roach being a potential gift to her friends. She walked around the house with it on her hands and shoves it close to the face of her friends as if a kid scaring her playmates with a nasty cockroach at hand. Her lovely laughter and attitude of having no disgust with these kind of insects made Ellen win the crowd by being a cut-above the rest among other actresses who would, by sight of a roach, might immediately go running around in circles inside a room, stomping violently upon sight of the insect but Ellen, girl, she picked it up and dangled it on the air without remorse, and we think that is something to love about Ellen.

The video was posted on her IG account garnering about 429,562 views and just basically shows that Ellen is not that kind of girl many people thought of her to be. Basically tells that Ellen is not how she appears to be!


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