Friday, January 20, 2017

WATCH: This Female DJ Gains Different Reaction Online Because of This


Let’s admit it, without a disc jockey a clubbing experience won’t be completed but if you’re in this club partying and in you-only-live-once moment of your life, would this lady catch your attention?
Netizens were in mixed emotion because of this female Disc Jockey for performing almost wearing nothing. As seen in the video, the female DJ almost showed her everything out. Literally, she just plastered what it needs to be hidden from the eyes of the public.

Since DJs need to also groove with their mixes, this DJ also grooved with the beat. Although her movements were just subtle, still her asset became the focal point. Maybe, if you were in the shoes of the party-goers inside the club, you might not just enjoy the beat but also the ‘view’ because she certainly is eye-catching.

Coming with the gained popularity of this video, Disc Jockeys expressed their disappointment towards the female DJ. The female ones were quite furious and dropped on the comment section their point that it doesn’t need to reach to the instance that one should dress exposing her privates just to catch the attention of all the people in the club. Top commented even said that the female disc jockey was a disgrace in the industry. Not to mention, even men felt ashamed and furious on how the DJ exposed herself.  

As of this writing, this video has now reached 13 million views.

Watch full video here 


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