Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WALANG ARTE : Anne Curtis Rides MRT


When not all celebrities enjoy a sardine-packed ride on MRT even if it is just a hell of traffic jam along EDSA, a very few celebs would brave the odds to ride the infamous MRT only to get to work, and one of them is the charming Anne Curtis! Anne, having been late for Showtime, braves the odds to ride an MRT to avoid the traffic on EDSA. Anne rode a standard ride and did not mind having to be mixed around a sea of people squeezing in like sardines inside the train.

Inside the ladies’ area, Anne did not mind much having to stand up inside the train and mingle with common people who shares the ride. She even captured a selfie video with them and posted it on social media. Anne seems to be enjoying the ride and it was probably double the joy with the fans and people inside the train who recognized the artist riding along with them. Some took the chance to have photo-opps with the Kapamilya star, and Anne did not really mind it much, she was always ready to get along with them even if her face is almost make-up free. She also received some nice treatment from the passenger who shared a mini-fan to prevent the star from sweating a lot before going to work—knowing that riding the MRT is no joke. This is a battlefield inside and out, a hunger games to say. Anne was so grateful for the people who happen to be at the exact same moment to share a small meet-and-greet with the star.

Arriving at Quezon Avenue, she met up with Jhong Hilario who was apparently late for work as well! They shared a ride on a private car, but her co-star admitted that he rode the MRT as well, at the back part, only to escape from the traffic that gave them a great hassle to hustle at work.


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