Thursday, January 19, 2017

Vice Ganda's Look Alike Earned Praises on Social Media


Young generations are looking up to celebrities whom they think reflect some aspects of their lives most especially if these celebrities promote good vibes. Among these celebrities that the young generation look up to is none other than the unkaboggable star Vice Ganda. See his new impersonator in the following video.

A lot of kids especially the gay ones doesn’t only like but love Vice Ganda so much. One of them is this student who channelled Vice Ganda during a skit in their class.

In the video, the student impersonated Vice Ganda’s famous character in the noontime show “It’s Showtime”. He acted as Madam Bertud during the first half of the skit where he was also accompanied by the class’ Jugs and Teddy. The audience that he gave his advice was a woman betrayed by her husband.

The witty Madam Bertud of the class advised the audience to fight for her right despite knowing the fact that life certainly is a jungle wherein the fittest survives in the end.

The last part of the skit was hilariously funny that just even us couldn’t contain our laughter. What more if we see him live? What did he do? Well, he simply just danced all the trending songs and covers of Vice Ganda from “Boom Panes” up to the “Wobble wobble” dance cover of Porkchop with Ketchup.

Truly, this kid is like the young version of Vice Ganda.


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