Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Vice Ganda Speaks Out to Maxine Madina's Bashers


During a press interview with the “Unkabogable” star, Vice Ganda for his upcoming Valentine’s Day concert at the Araneta Coliseum, “Pusuan Mo Si Vice Ganda sa Araneta”, the press was able to get a gist of what is up and brewing for the phenomenal comedian of the century. Vice was put in heat of the hot seat for the whereabouts of his concert and his own personal life—especially his love life—to be talked about during the exclusive interview. The comedian was able to share a bit of what is to look after the concert and he was glad to say that it would a be an absolutely star-studded night, and he will get his “mini-me” and child star-comedian Aura to be one of his guests. The young star was almost like a tail to Vice as he was with him just as almost wherever he goes, and they are simply bonding really well together.

The media people also asked Vice Ganda about his opinions about the Miss Universe pageant held right here in the country, and whether if they were close peeps with the Philippines’ candidate, Maxine Medina. The Miss Universe Philippines garnered a lot of haters and bashers on social media after she apparently “tried-to-hard” to speak in fluent English and to which she seems to fail on that part. Filipinos, being a hardcore grammar Nazis, immediately bashed their own kind on social media, and not just any other kind, the candidate of the country for the prestigious event night. Vice Ganda shared some of his thoughts about the people who bashed Maxine, saying they were not really that close but he surely showed his support towards her especially on the voting part which according to him was “the least he can do”. When asked what can he say about Maxine’s haters, he replied with a sarcastic tone on his voice which everyone can totally agree with:

“Eh itong mga kapwa nating Pilipino, kala mo kung sino-sinong magagaling kung makapang-bash sa social media ng KAPWA NATING PILIPINO. Na SARILI NATING KANDIDATA. Lahat naman tayo nagkakamali. Sa ibang bansa nga, kapag nagkamali naman yung kandidata nila hindi naman big deal sa kanila ‘yon, ewan ko ba dito sa Pilipinas.”

[“Some Filipinos, even to their same kind, feels like they were simply the best on everything when they bash someone on social media considering they were JUST THE SAME FILIPINOS. OUR OWN CANDIDATE. Everyone commits mistakes. To some other country, when their candidate has a grammar error, they don’t make a fuss or a big deal about it. I just don’t know why it is like that here in the Philippines.”]


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