Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sue Ramirez New Covers " Your Love " ( ALAMID)


The phenomenal romantic TV series Dolce Amore doesn’t yet fail to make Filipinos get a hang with the feels they experienced even if the show has already ended somewhere in 2016. And everyone is still LSS on its iconic theme song, “Your Love” by Alamid, and to have it covered by a well-known celebrity teen star, Sue Ramirez, who is very much loved by a lot of people and fanatics right now on Instagram.

Her lovely face, with and without makeup, makes her fans very much attached to her. Recently, she had been a guest performer on the radio station, Wish 107.5, to cover the Dolce Amore theme song live and unplugged. Sue was very much trying to feel the vibe of the song, and her eyes might seem quite lonely that time, and her voice were as usual, very angelic and lovely as her face and personality. The tone of the song suited her sweet voice, and it is as if the listeners were serenaded by her voice and the way she sings, effortlessly belting out sweet tunes and high notes while being seated inside the studio. It makes us think that where might Sue be coming from for her to capture and set the mood of the song.

Well, from in fact, Sue Ramirez has got a lot more to show off in terms of talents in acting and performing. One YouTube user commented that if Pinoys were more focused and looking towards the talent the star can showcase, might as well Sue might have surpassed any other star of her generation for this girl can dance, sing and do more than just acting and modelling. Sue was a Sue-shi (sushi) roll of talents. She’s got the face, the wit, the talent and more just like a sushi roll; you’ve got a whole lot of meal in there in just a roll.


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