Monday, January 30, 2017

Solenn Heusaff Says Miss france's Interpreter Translation is Wrong


The light of controversy is swirling down to Miss France after she won the Miss Universe crown for her country. Many people are questioning and talking about that the interpreter of the candidate allegedly manipulated the answer of the beauty queen and that for it eventually won the most prestigious title role this year. French speakers, including the celebrity it-girl, Solenn Heusaff and her brother, Erwan Heusaff, both of French descent, questions the controversial “manipulation” of translation of the interpreter of Miss France, Iris Mittenaere.

According to sources and to the celebrity herself [Solenn], the interpreter gave a wrong translation of Miss France’s answer during the Top 3 Question and Answer portion of the event. It raised many eyebrows especially for the fluent French speakers like the celebrity and her brother. In order to shed light and clarification towards the controversial Q&A translation, the Heussaff siblings provided a more accurate translation on what could have been the now, Miss Universe’s title holder, most legitimate answer towards the question.

Solenn tweeted recently on her Twitter account regarding the incorrect translation of the interpreter. She said exactly on her tweet:

“French Translator said: ‘When I missed my first casting.’

But she really said 1st year of Medicine School.”

It sparked controversy especially when people started talking about the tweet of the Heusaff siblings, especially when Erwan has got to post a more accurate translation of Miss France’s answer during the Q&A.

Many spectators and speculators are blabbing about the issue but nevertheless, the French people won the crown for this year’s Miss Universe. The Philippine’s candidate were not favored by the tides this year, and Maxine Medina’s answer to the Q&A portion were in as much controversy as to the title holder right now, as many would say she could have answered better if she had used the interpreter she was provided with, but still insisted herself to answer in English even if there has been no mastery of her with the use of language.

Meanwhile, many are talking about the alleged “mistake” done by the interpreter of the French candidate, many were talking as well on how the importance of an interpreter could have changed the world A LOT. As for the legitimacy of Solenn for speaking French, it is in no doubt that the celebrity is of French descent, and studied fashion-related courses in France for the past six years and three months. So it is no doubt that the celebrity understood the language more than the interpreter who translated the language not very much understood by common people in the pageant center.


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