Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Shocking : Scientist Discovered Evidence of Existence of God


Debate still continues within the believers and non-believers if God truly exists but there are theories from known scientists that somewhat point out the possibility of the Supreme Being existence. Watch this video that further proves God’s existence.

Non-believers believe that the universe was created through a big explosion known as the “Bigbang” theory which lump of hydrogen gas exploded that resulted to the birth of the universe. This theory alone opens up the possibility the existence of God in which everything has a beginning.

Scientifically speaking, a certain great movement or for this case, the “Bigbang” theory has something or someone behind that triggered for it to happen. Some physicist and scientists thought that a Supreme Being made this happen.

Citing in the book of Genesis, just like what other scientists claimed, the universe came from nothingness.

Upon the creation of Universe, a lot more questions still waiting for answers rise generally, how everything fit the way they are because even a very small single mistake would result to a great impact in terms of the creation of Universe. A very slight difference or miscomputation to the amount of gravity can possibly ruin the “Bigbang” theory that instead of creating a universe, planets would have been collide to a single lump.

Certainly is, the entire universe is just right for life and behind the creation of everything is a Supreme Being for designing everything perfectly.

As according to one of the comments in this video, “God created science, so that we can discover Him.”


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